Thursday, July 11, 2013

Édouard Bénédictus

Edouard Benedictus was a  man of many talents : a painter, book binder, chemist and  fabric designer. He was a member of an avant-garde group of artists, writers and musicians known as the "Apaches" with Maurice Delage, Leon-Paul Farges and Maurice Ravel. He created several wonderful albums of textile and wallpaper designs in the Art Deco style : "Variations," 1924; "Nouvelles Variations," 1925; and "Relais," 1930 .As a chemist is the man who invented safety glass in 1903. No Wikipage till now.

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John hopper said...

Always been a big fan of Benedictus. So great to see so much colour, line and shape in one place at one time. Thanks!